About us

Dalmo cashmere is the symbol of our family’s devotion and love for creating unique cashmere products. After the post-war crisis, by combining tailoring skills with the processing of manual hosiery machines, we started to create tailor-made items. With the economic boom, the company had a strong increase, working for prestigious brands, exporting to international markets, from America to Japan.

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Today Dalmo cashmere uses the longest and lightest cashmere fibers from the bottom belly hair of cashmere goats with a precise purpose: the search for the most authentic quality, combined with the creativity and perfection that it dedicates to every single product. Our company has its roots in the values that have guided each generation of our family. With high attention to detail, production takes place exclusively in Tuscany where talented local artisans hands create unique clothes with essential lines, loose-fitting, and sensual shape; going along with our customers’ wishes. The high standards during the production process make each piece extraordinary –ransforming them into durable works of art. Each generation is different, everyone has his own dreams and desires. We combine heart and reason with beauty and practicality using the nobility of cashmere and natural fibers for creating unique and custom-made items.