Care Instructions


A cashmere garment needs little but essential attention. Given that cashmere is a delicate fiber, we advise you not to prolong the use of you garment for several consecutive days and to wash it frequently to revitalize the fiber.


Washing cashmere garment is simple; you can just follow these basic instructions. Use a teaspoon of detergent for delicate clothes in a basin and add lukewarm water until the basin is full. Soak your item and rinse well without twisting or wringing.



Dry your cashmere garment on a flat surface and let it dry in the shade. Do not hang your garment, as it may lose its shape.



Iron your item at low temperature, using a thin cloth between the iron and the cashmere garment.

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Store your washed and clean garment in a bag, possibly a fabric bag, and add some anti moth for clothes near your bag to avoid any damage.



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